Secret stashes of clutter
When it comes to organizing, it’s easier to think about the big things, like a new dining room cabinet or a total closet makeover, than that junk drawer where you toss all your extra knick-knacks or that teetering pile of pot lids that spill out of your cabinet every time you open it? All too often, these areas in a home get neglected, because they’re hidden behind closed cabinet doors or drawers. These tips from professional organizers and interior designers will help you get every nook and cranny in your home organized. When it comes to tackling your pantry, start with these 16 organizing techniques.

Corner cabinet organizers

Gain useful storage space from cabinet corners with blind corner swing-out units. “These make the backs of those pesky spaces as easy to reach as the front areas, so you can get more use out of your kitchen,” says Jamie Gold, author of Wellness by Design and wellness designer expert. “You won’t need knee pads and a flashlight to retrieve the pot you stored there and almost forgot about.” They’re also ideal for older people or anyone with lower back or flexibility issues. These are 17 other cheap kitchen upgrades that add instant value to your home.