Tom Hanks is everyone’s surrogate best friend, father, cousin, uncle, and neighbor. He is just this likable guy that happens to be extremely wealthy and famous. Hanks’ likability on-screen and off-screen is why so many enjoy Tom Hanks movies. He’s someone you can depend on for an entertaining movie and trust to give a strong performance. Tom Hanks is a public figure that people will gladly tune in to or buy tickets to any of his projects. Luckily for fans of the Forest Gump actor, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and others have plenty of Tom Hanks movies to stream.

Many other Tom Hanks films are available to rent on Amazon or other Video-On-Demand services. For this list, I mainly selected some of Tom Hanks’s most beloved and popular movies but there are a few that are lesser-known and may be new to you.

Forrest Gump
Simple-minded but kind Forrest Gump leaves his mark on history and all those that he encounters. Forrest Gump tells the story of Gump’s extraordinary life all leading him back to his childhood sweetheart Jenny (Robin Wright).

Why Tom Hanks Fans Will Like It: Tom Hanks fans appreciate this touching drama because it connects with people and offers optimism and a great Hanks performance. The film is one of Hanks’ most well-known movies and one that people still reference and revisit because it warms the heart and challenges people to take a different approach to life.

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