“The Dark Knight” is easily one of the most rewatchable superhero films. Not only does it have one of the best Batman performances from Christian Bale, but it also gave us Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning turn as the Joker.

But it’s not a perfect movie.

There are some plot holes that become obvious the more you revisit the Christopher Nolan film. You also may pick up on a few details you missed the second time around, especially if you watch the “Batman Begins” sequel with the captions on.

Insider has rewatched the 2008 movie as well as went through the novelization by Dennis O’Neil, which gives clarity to some of the film’s most-talked-about moments. For instance, did Batman simply leave the Joker with a room full of party guests during a fundraiser? (Not exactly!)

We’ve laid out some of our favorite details you may have missed in “The Dark Knight” while trying to resolve story gaps that have bothered fans over the years.

How did no one notice the Joker in full makeup on a street corner at the film’s start?

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