It must not be an easy feat to play your own twin, but a surprising amount of actors have done it. From Lindsay Lohan in “The Parent Trap” to Paul Rudd in Netflix’s “Living With Yourself” to Mark Ruffalo in HBO’s series “I Know This Much Is True” here are 22 stars who have played their own twins, clones, and even split-personalities on TV and in movies.

Bette Davis – “Dead Ringer” (1964)

Davis plays twins Margaret DeLorca and Edith Phillips in this 1964 thriller. Both sisters are in love with the same man, and they’ll go to crazy lengths to sabotage each other.

Jeremy Irons – “Dead Ringers” (1988)

In this 1988 thriller, Irons plays identical twin gynecologists Elliot and Beverly Mantle.

Lily Tomlin and Bette Midler – “Big Business” (1988)

Tomlin and Midler play two sets of identical twins who are separated at birth and swapped, so they grew up believing they’re actually fraternal twins from different families. To make it even more confusing, both sets of twins have the same names.