The Florida Gators landed their first commitment in the secondary for their 2022 recruiting class on Thursday in Houston (TX) Clear Lake four-star cornerback Julian Humphrey. The Top247 defender picked the Gators over finalists Penn State and Texas A&M. Florida cornerbacks coach Jules Montinar is making quick use of his time adding a quality player in his first year on the Gators staff, using ties he’s forged in the state of Texas from his time coaching at Texas State in the past. This addition also continues the trend of adding elite speed to the Gators roster, joining Isaiah Bond who is also fast in his own regard. Humphrey put down some impressive track times of his own this past season, running a 10.55 100m dash and 21.17 200 m dash as a Junior.

It’s been widely reported that the Gators are moving more towards playing press man coverage on defense this season and 247Sports Recruiting Director Steve Wiltfong thinks he brings the kind of swagger to the field the Gators need in the secondary.

“Obviously they are getting one of the more athletic players in the country regardless of position. I think he’s a guy that if you put him in the SEC, he can run with just about any receiver in the country. With the caliber of players in that conference, Julian Humphrey gives you talent outside on the perimeter. On his film he’s a playmaker in the secondary. He gets his hands on the football and he has the change of direction quickness. He can play press, he can play off, he covers downfield, has the makeup speed you’re looking for, and he can attach to receivers. At his high school they have used him offense and he’s shown he can be a game breaker in that regard. He shows physicality and he checks off a lot of the boxes. It’s a big pick up for Florida.”

247Sports Andrew Ivins covers the Southeast for the network and was able to see Humphrey in action during a 7on7 setting earlier this year and feels this is a big addition for the Gators class as well.

“I think he has a chance to be a really special player,” Ivins said. “Obviously he’s put down some really good track times. He’s a guy with a ton of foot speed, but he’s also got a big, long frame and kind of the ideal measurable to be a field corner. I saw him at Pylon Atlanta back in March and I thought he was pretty good in coverage and man coverage. He’s still not the most fluid of guys, but when he gets coached up it will all come together. He’s absolutely a guy who can be a starter in the SEC and I think the easy comparison may be CJ Henderson with those track times. Definitely a big get for Florida based off what I have seen from him.”

Gabe Brooks handles the state of Texas, among other states for the 247Sports network, and he echos the unique mix of size and speed Humphrey brings to the field.

“We try to project to NFL Draft success, and I think there is no doubt the two biggest things when you are looking at DB’s in general are size and speed and the combination of the two. If you’re small, you usually need to be fast. In Julian Humphrey’s case, he’s a legitimate 6-foot, 185-pounder. I think his wingspan is like a plus two relative to his height and that is a really good size DB. This is a big corner, who has high level speed, which has been proven in a track environment with the 10.55 that is verified, which is smoking. I think he’s down in the low 21’s in the 200, so he will be transferring that elite track speed to the football field in college. You’re betting on size, length, speed and you’re usually not going to go wrong with that. He’s someone who could potentially play anywhere if they needed to move him around in the secondary.”

247Sports currently ranks Humphrey as the Nation’s No. 128 overall prospect in the 2022 recruiting class.

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