How many times have you complained about or spent inordinately long wasteful minutes trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix? Given the streaming service’s algorithm of suggesting movies based on your preferences, often one doesn’t get to know of cult classics or must-watches that lie hidden in its labyrinths. We combed their entire offerings and came across 34 best movies on Netflix India that you simply must make time for. Bookmark this.

1. The Florida Project (2017)
Set in the shadow of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the film follows 6-year old Moonee who curses, gives the finger, and wreaks havoc with her ragtag entourage in and around the budget motel where she stays with her apathetic mother Halley. The only reason the duo avoid being thrown out is motel owner Bobby (Willem Defoe in the performance of a lifetime) who has a soft spot for them.

2. The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)
Yorgos Lanthimos’ film is a Greek metaphor wrapped in a commentary on modern society wrapped in a psychological thriller that borders on horror. Starring Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman, we recommend familiarising yourself with Agamemnonas story from Greek mythology so that you don’t miss any of the layers in the first screening.

3. Kicking and Screaming (1995)
Written and directed by Noah Baumbach of ‘Marriage Story’ fame, this film is set in the immediate aftermath of college graduation, and explores the lives of a group of recent graduates unwilling to make the big decisions that would alter their life. All they know is they don’t want to end up like Chet, a professional student who’s been at the university for 10+ years. Sure it’s slow burn, but you’ll love it in the end.

4. Blue Jay (2016)
Former high school sweethearts return to their tiny California hometown years later only to run into each other. Awkward at first, this chance encounter develops into a heartwarming reflection of their past. Fantastic lead performances by Mark Duplass and Sarah Paulson, this indie gem is for the hopeless romantic in you.

5. 50/50 (2011)
The working title of this film was ‘I’m With Cancer’, giving away the relatively light treatment of a dark subject. Written by Will Reiser, who was diagnosed with cancer at 27, at the urging of his close friend Seth Rogen (who also reprises his real life role in the film), this deeply personal film beautifully essays the age-old metaphor that laughter is indeed the best medicine. Stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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