Take this with a grain of salt, because this is 63% hard analysis belief that Oklahoma is going to win this, and 35% You Never Ever Mess With History, and 2% Pac-12 Championship.

USC should’ve and could’ve won and covered that home Pac-12 Championship against Oregon, and juuuuuust as I was going to pick the Ducks under the belief that the program was due this year to come up with something special, I ignored feelings and gut and went with USC.

Never go with your feelings and gut, but yeah, you’ve been warned that part of this pick has nothing to do with logic and reason.

And that goes for assuming that history matters here – as if the 18-to-23-year-old guys on the field care a lick about what happened yesterday much less over the last ten years, much less in the 1890s.

Iowa State has never won an outright conference championship in over 100 yards of playing college football.

Oklahoma is going for its gajillionth outright conference title – it has taken down ten of the last 14 Big 12 championship games.

Never, ever, ever screw with a streak. It it gets broken, you tip your cap, and you go on about your day.

Enough with the tomfoolery …

Oklahoma didn’t have RB Rhamondre Stevenson in the first meeting. He’s a hammer with fresh legs to combine in a rotation against a terrific Iowa State run defense that allowed 114 yards the first time around.

Oklahoma have DE Ronnie Perkins in the first meeting, either. He has only played in four of the team’s nine games and he’s still third on the team in sacks and tackles for loss.

Also, this is a relatively young Sooner team in several spots. QB Spencer Rattler has been better and more settled as the season has gone on, four of the top five pass catchers are underclassmen, and the offense appears to be past the turnover problems of the first part of the year.

This is a terrific Iowa State team – it really would be awesome for the fan base if it won – but it’s Oklahoma in a Big 12 Championship.

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