What classifies something as “trending” can depend on a number of factors. Is the subject matter prescient to the times we’re in? (Pandemic) Is it a quirky newcomer that struck the right chord with audiences? (Tiger King) Or is it simply some new and flashy content from a well-known personality? (The Irishman)

Regardless of the specific formula, trending topics are just fun to participate in – especially when they’re original. For lovers of streaming content, there are always plenty of originals to explore. But here are some of the recent trending titles and where you can stream them now.

Extraction – Film (Netflix)

A black-market mercenary (Chris Hemsworth) is hired to rescue the young son of an imprisoned international crime lord and get him to safety. The clock is ticking and hearts are racing.

Unorthodox – Miniseries (Netflix)

A Hasidic Jewish woman flees her home in Brooklyn and an arranged marriage to start a new life for herself. It’s based on the memoir, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots, written by Deborah Feldman.

Tales From the Loop – Series (Amazon Prime Video)

These are the stories of people affected by a mysterious machine that has been altering time and space in their town. It was inspired by an art book by Swedish artist, Simon Stålenhag.

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