It has long been said that people either see a glass as half empty or half full – which is meant to suggest whether one is a pessimist or an optimist. In reality, 50% is always half, something that is perhaps lost to those on social media this week.

On Wednesday, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that 50% of Americans now predict that history will judge President Trump as a “failed” president. Most actual historians would say it is simply impossible to know how history will judge Trump as the lasting impact of his policies won’t be known.

History has generally been more favorable years after a president leaves the White House. Presidents Ford, Carter and both Bushes weren’t exactly seen in the most positive light immediately after their respective departures from the Oval Office, but all are now seen far more favorably.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the comments to fly on social media – and once again social media showed how divided the nation is, with many stating their contempt for the President, while others offered their continued support.

Some of the comments were downright hateful, and with comments such as those from @RepublicanSwine, “50% of Americans. I do know there are 74 million people who support an outright criminal and total degenerate as POTUS. Which means there are 74 million Americans I. want. nothing. to. do. with.”

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