Paying our tribute to underrated masters.

It’s unfortunate how many talented musicians don’t get the attention that they deserve. We won’t go into reasons why this is the case, but we will point out that this happens a lot in rock and metal music. Some musicians just end up being overlooked, despite writing and recording some awesome music. A few weeks ago, we talked about some of the most underrated guitar players in our favorite genre. These guitar-wielding heroes never really got the praise that they deserved. But the list can go on for days. This is why we decided to continue with this topic and bring you another 9 unrightfully underrated guitar players in rock music.

Ty Tabor

We could easily say that King’s X is one of the most underrated rock bands out there. The band is led by their lead guitarist and main creative force, Ty Tabor. His playing and writing styles are rather unique, and you can hear a lot of unexpected influences in there – anything from the classic blues guys like Johnny Winter, up to fusion jazz masters like Allan Holdsworth.

And to be fully honest, you won’t ever find a musician that sounds exactly like Ty Tabor. King’s X is a feast for all those lovers of big chunky blues-inspired riffs and solid grooves.

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