American Idol has had quite a season thus far. After a successful round of auditions and a thrilling week in Hollywood, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic threw producers for a loop. The restrictions on social gatherings have forced producers to get creative so that the competition can continue in Season 3 of American Idol.

Starting April 26, the Top 20 will be performing from their homes for America’s vote. Here’s how it’s going to work.

The show must go on

“There was never a conversation about completely scrapping this season with ABC,” American Idol‘s showrunner and executive producer Trish Kinane told Billboard. She also mentioned that the show’s ratings were up this year as compared to the first two seasons that aired on the new network (American Idol was formerly on Fox).

For Kinane and everyone involved in the production of American Idol, this season needed to continue. “It would not have been OK to pat the singers on the back for making it through Hollywood Week, the showcase and auditions, and then just call [the rest of the season] off,” she said.

The set up for ‘American Idol’s live performances

Before the coronavirus, American Idol didn’t have a disaster plan in place. To carry on with the rest of this season and avoid denying each contestant their American Idol experience, producers had to spend a significant amount of money to create in-home studios worthy of an American Idol performance.

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