The Carter Center has monitored elections in some of the world’s most dangerous and corrupt countries — Sudan, Kenya and Venezuela among 39 countries in all. Now, the not-for-profit organization founded by former President Jimmy Carter is adding to that list of countries once seen as a model for fair and free elections.

The United States.

Avery Davis-Roberts, associate director in the Democracy Program at the Carter Center, said in recently taped remarks, “we typically prioritize work in places where democracy seems poised to take a step forward or where it’s in danger of sliding backwards. These places are often struggling with polarization, a lack of public trust, ethnic or racial divisions and fears that election results won’t be credible or accepted.

“U.S. elections have never been perfect, but generally Americans trusted in the process and believed in the results. But in the last five or 10 years, we’ve started to see many of the same discouraging trends we see in countries where we work.’’

As the Nov. 3 election approaches, with President Donald Trump and Joe Biden battling on the campaign trail, the fear and cynicism among American voters is undeniable.

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