Marvel has a full slate of movies in its Phase 4 calendar (assuming production ever resumes), but Ant-Man 3 is mysteriously missing from that schedule. Michael Douglas even teased some news coming “pretty soon” back in May, but since then we haven’t heard a peep. However, one new report from a reliable Marvel leaker could reveal when Ant-Man 3 will be released, while also giving fans a big clue at how it could connect directly to Avengers 5.

Charles Murphy (an anonymous Marvel movie leaker with a proven track record) recently shared some news on the Ant-Man 3 release date, noting that while we still might not have a public release date, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening at all. On his website, Murphy’s Multiverse, he writes that “rescheduled to begin production in June of 2021 in Atlanta” before concluding that the movie could be in theaters by “late 2022 or early 2023.”

Along the way, Murphy notes that Marvel wants to “give the film some room to breathe” for two big reasons. First, there’s a new writer for Ant-Man 3. And second, Marvel apparently has “big plans for the film.” This article doesn’t go into any more detail on what those plans might be, but an earlier piece published by Murphy in late 2019 provides some very interesting clues that we may have overlooked at the time.

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