Apple has added some amazing new features to iPhones with the latest Shazam update. If you have access to iOS 14.2, you can get next-level music recognition. Shazam got acquired by Apple back in 2018, and now it lives right there in your iPhone. If you’re sitting inside or rolling in your car, all you have to do is add a button to your Control Center menu to figure out the name of the artist and the song playing. (Even in headphones!) The setup is surprisingly simple, but after spending $400 million on the technology, it makes sense to draw in as many new users as possible. Check out all the steps for yourself down below:

1. Download the latest software to your iPhone if you haven’t already. Go to Settings>General>Software update if you’re unsure. Anything from iOS 14.2 and above should be good to go.

2. Once you’ve secured the update, go to the settings panel on your iPhone.

3. Select Control Center

4. Go ahead and scroll down to “More” and enable the green “+” button next to Music Recognition.

5. Now that all that is squared away, you can access the control center and tap the Music Recognition icon to enable the feature.

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