Billie Eilish fans can rejoice: the pop star has new music coming ahead of the release of the much-anticipated documentary chronicling her debut album and meteoric rise to the top of the music charts.

The 18-year-old star confirmed she has a new song during a Q-and-A session on her Instagram Stories over the weekend.

During the exchange, one fan asked her, ‘NEW SONG?’ for which she responded ‘November’, in a reference to the scheduled release date.

Wanting to get a sense and feel of the new song, another fans requested that Eilish ‘give us a color that matches the song coming in November’.

The singer-songwriter wasted little time in posting an orange-brown autumn color as the backdrop of the asked question.

Exactly what that traditional autumn shade represents in context to a song is left up to each and every one us to interpret, which is more than likely what an artist such as Eilish would want with any artistic expression.