Gunn’s list of superior sequels include Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner” follow-up, Nolan’s “The Dark Knight,” and del Toro’s “Blade II.”

James Gunn has reignited the debate over sequels that are better than their predecessors with his list of 27 second films that outdo the first. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” filmmaker published his list on social media, noting James Cameron’s “Aliens” is not included because “it’s an unarguable fact that ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’ are equal.” So which sequels are superior? Gunn declares Denis Villeneuve’s “Blade Runner 2049” is better than Ridley Scott’s landmark 1982 original, a controversial opinion that is sure to have its detractors. No-brainers on the list include Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” beating “Batman Begins” and “Empire Strikes Back” outdoing the original “Star Wars.”

Gunn’s list includes several superhero movies, including “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Superman II,” and Guillermo del Toro’s “Blade II.” As the director noted in a follow-up post, “You’ll notice a disproportionate amount of superhero movies on this list. The reason is origin stories are often boring and can be an extra element jammed into a story about a superhero vs. a bad guy, instead of being an organic part of the story.”

The inclusion of “T2: Judgement Day” earned Gunn at least one high profile detractor: “The Invisible Man” director Leigh Whannell. The filmmaker responded to Gunn, “I never react emotionally to Best Of lists because it’s all subjective and fun, but my body shuddered with a Conan-esque rage fire when you said ‘Terminator 2’ is better than ‘Terminator.’”

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