Blake Lively said she felt “insecure” after giving birth third daughter with Ryan Reynolds. Lively recalled on Instagram that she struggled to fit into clothing samples and brand apparel. She called on clothing brands to be more inclusive of body sizes.
Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories. Blake Lively has called on clothing brands to practice body inclusivity while opening about her postpartum struggles.

People reported Lively on Friday shared a series of throwback photos taken after she and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their third daughter, Betty, in 2019. The “Gossip Girl” star is known for her enviable style and outfits.

The photos reflected on the different outfits she wore during public appearances, including one post in which Lively mentioned an ensemble she donned last January on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon According to Lively, it was a nightmare trying to find clothes that fit her post-baby body.