While there’s so much to love about Bridgerton—the costumes, the cast, the drama—let’s be real, what we (and 82 million others) are tuning in for are the scene-stealing makeouts.

All that kissing, while fun for us to watch, we assume would lead to some seriously chapped lips. Which is why it’s crucial that the cast was armed with a great balm to keep their lips ready for all that action. The show’s head hair and makeup designer, Marc Pilcher, recently revealed that he relied on the makeup artist staple Dr. Pawpaw Multipurpose Soothing Balm for basically everyone on set—men included.

Dr. Pawpaw was a staple product in most of our cast bags, even the men,” he said. “It provided everyone with protection against the elements when we filmed during the winter and on night shoots. It was great for use on this period drama as we needed most of our cast to look natural and fresh and have beautiful lips in a natural way.