With year-round sunshine and sandy shores, San Diego has raised some of the best athletes of all time, including four Heisman Trophy winners and the late baseball great Ted Williams.

But it also happens to be the sorriest. It is the only metro area out of 26 in major league baseball that never has had a team win a World Series, Super Bowl or NBA Finals. Even more troubling for local fans, it is the only city that has been abandoned by two NBA teams and an NFL team, leaving it with only one franchise in any of America’s four major pro sports – a Padres baseball team that soon could make a run to the World Series.

a baseball player holding a bat on a field: As if 2020 hasn’t been strange enough, could this finally be the year the San Diego Padres win the World Series?

Just don’t expect some locals to believe it until it happens. They’re still trying to come to terms with the notion that this year of all years finally might be the Padres’ big year – a shortened season when fans aren’t allowed to attend games because of restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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