The UEFA Champions League pots are set for Thursday’s group stage draw following the conclusion of six playoff round ties this week.

Here, we’ll recap the playoff ties before giving you the full pots for the draw as well as detail who Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United can draw.

The pots may look a bit funny given Sevilla winning the Europa League and earning a spot in Pot 1. The second pot is brutal.

Remember that teams from the same domestic league cannot be drawn against each other in the group stage.

Three Premier League teams in Pot 2 mean that Liverpool knows it can only draw one of five teams from that pot: Ajax, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, and Shakhtar Donetsk.

At least three of those are tasty given Jurgen Klopp and/or the Reds’ history, especially now that Atletico Madrid, the club that dethroned them, has signed former Reds mega striker Luis Suarez.