Chris Evans and Zach Braff aren’t forgetting those who “enabled” President Trump.

Braff, 45, tweeted on Nov. 18 that he would “never forget all these enablers,” and Evans, 39, followed-up the next day with a tweet of his own to “#RememberWhoSaidNothing.”

The memorandums from the “Scrubs” star and “Captain America” franchise performer came on the heels of ongoing speculation from GOP voters that Trump had lost the 2020 presidential election due to alleged voter fraud.

Many on social media sided with the stars, while there were others who also hit back at Braff and Evans with one Twitter user responding to Braff to “never forget you’re just an “actor.”

Another social media user chimed, “Whoa! I had forgotten about you. Thanks for popping in before you get canceled though. It’s only a matter of time. Best of luck.”

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