This will be the first year in Circus Sarasota’s history that they won’t present a winter show

The prospect of a new year doesn’t change the impact COVID-19 has on the arts community. For the Circus Arts Conservatory (CAC), the return to full theatres is postponed yet again.

“As we were monitoring the COVID-19 crisis over these last several weeks, we considered the unpredictability of travel, the safety and comfort of our artists and patrons as well as the long-term survival of our nonprofit efforts,” said CEO and co-founder Pedro Reis.

The CAC sites health and safety reasons for canceling some of their most notable events such as Ciruqe des Voix, Circus Arts Gala, Circus Sarasota and the Key Chorale collaboration. The conservatory said they would not be able to handle the drop in revenue from tickets, which would make the future even more uncertain.

“We share a common feeling of profound disappointment about these necessary cancellations with so many of our colleagues in the arts sector,” said executive vice president and co-founder Dolly Jacobs-Reis. “However, there are still plentiful ways in which people can continue to engage with the circus arts.”

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