It’s no secret that Oberlin is a very musical place. Between the Conservatory, the Arts and Sciences Orchestra, and various a capella groups, there are always plenty of music performances on campus. However, there is another side of the Oberlin musical scene that doesn’t get nearly as much attention: its extensive arrangement of music producers and engineers. 
There are a number of talented students on campus who, in addition to performing onstage, record and edit their own songs and then release them on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. College second-year Megan Beehler, who goes by the artist name lavendink, started playing around with producing during her sophomore year of high school. She started taking it seriously during the pandemic, and soon was responsible for mixing the recording of her high school choir’s entire virtual performance. 
“I was a choir kid, we had wanted to do some virtual choirs, and I had a lot of film experience, but not a ton of audio experience,” Beehler said. “So I was really confident that I was able to do the video part and was just kind of figuring out the audio. That was kind of my first experience with trying to put together a bunch of voices or putting together a bunch of tracks that were really audio-based.”
Beehler has since released two albums, The Letters I Couldn’t Write in July 2021 and The College Exp this month. She described the genre of her music as “bedroom indie pop,” though she said she was also categorized as alternative folk by the algorithm of streaming platforms.

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