At a time when low-level dot-connection suggests that the Colts could be the best place for Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz to get a fresh start, there’s reason to believe that Wentz would indeed flourish in Indianapolis.

FOX analyst Daryl Johnston worked Sunday’s game between the Eagles and Saints, and he made an interesting observation during the broadcast regarding Wentz.

“I think he really misses Frank Reich, more than a lot of people want to admit,” Johnston said. “I think that there was a bond and a connection there based on their strong Christian faith, that took them beyond coach-teammate relationship.”

The dance already has begun regarding the possibility of Wentz being traded to the Colts. The Eagles have put out the word that they want to keep Wentz, a key first step in maximizing Philly’s leverage. In turn, Reich (who served as offensive coordinator with the Eagles before becoming head coach of the Colts) has said that 39-year-old Colts quarterback Philip Rivers has multiple good years of football left, a key first step in maximizing Indy’s leverage.

Regardless of whether the Colts and Reich make a play for Wentz, here’s one certainty: If Reich isn’t interested in a reunion with Wentz, any other team considering the possibility of acquiring Wentz should tread lightly.

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