Trending on two social media platforms doesn’t necessarily mean good publicity. Former Disney Channel star Debby Ryan has started a TikTok trend of users making fun of her facial expressions used while acting in movies.

Since the trend blew up Wednesday night, more than 58 million users have uploaded videos of themselves to the video-sharing platform recreating scenes from some of Ryan’s films.

A particular fan favorite is “Radio Rebel,” a 2012 Disney Channel movie that starred Ryan as a “shy” girl who takes a job as a DJ for her high school. Many TikTok creators seem to especially be enjoying a scene of Ryan’s character looking up at a boy she has a crush on, calling her the “worst shy looker.”

Users have uploaded videos of the 26-year-old actor where they show a few seconds of a clip from one of her movies, and then cut to themselves impersonating her facial expressions. Some of the individual posts, including the one below, are getting millions of views.

Another popular troll is making fun of how Ryan walks in and out of scenes in some of her films. Users are pretending to be the “Insatiable” actress as they reenact scenes of what they believe to be an over-exaggerated way she walks in movies.

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