Just when you thought things might be crawling back to something resembling normality, along comes another gut punch of film scheduling changes. Disney is the latest to start shifting movies because the current conditions signal it’s the wrong time to try and open bigger movies. Among the casualties? Star Wars, Avatar and the company’s live-action take on Mulan.

While the mega-franchises had some way to go before their next entries, they’re still feeling the impact of either filming delays (Avatar) or other movies shifting around the schedule. The Mouse House had hoped to return to the galaxy far, far away in December 2022, but that plan is on hold for a year, with other movies in the Star Wars universe shifting accordingly.

Avatar’s sequels have been the subject of endless delays and re-scheduling (and the jokes about it never arriving that have followed), but James Cameron’s ambitious plan for multiple follow-ups to his 2009 hit are once again thwarted, at least in terms of a 2021 release. As he mentions in a statement.

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