According to Deadline, Colin Trevorrow will be teaming with Universal Pictures to make Atlantis, a movie about an advanced civilization that lives on a lost continent in the Indian Ocean that has its own advanced technology. The story is by Colin Trevorrow and Matt Chapman, and the script will be written by Dante Harper, who also wrote Alien: Covenant.

Colin Trevorrow originally thought of the story back in 2018. However, instead of moving forward quickly with the script, he set it to the side and allowed time for his creative team to do research and build the fictional world.

Of course, right now Colin Trevorrow is busy working on Jurassic World: Dominion and getting it over the finish line. It sounds like the script is a pretty epic read, too. According to Bryce Dallas Howard, she and her husband were able to read the script and said it was “awesome” and “exhilarating.”

Sadly for Jurassic World fans and the cast and crew working on the production, earlier this year, filming in the threequel was shut down due to current events, not unlike many other Hollywood productions at the time.

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