It’s the money men who want games played behind closed doors and any restart would be both artificial and risky

Word must have somehow reached Uefa that people are suffering in the present crisis, with the return of competitive football not really their highest priority, since the governing body’s latest edict not only showed uncharacteristic humility but revealed an unexpected shift towards common sense.

Of course leagues around Europe should not be penalised for scrapping the present, wrecked, season without playing any more games. Of all the solutions being suggested over the past few weeks this is the obvious one and the easiest to put into practice.

Yes, something will have to be done about the loose ends, some formula found to come up with an order of “sporting merit”, but this should not be beyond the wit of a worldwide game with profits measured in the billions.

Everyone knows the real desire to see leagues completed and matches played behind closed doors comes from the money men anyway. There certainly seems to be little enthusiasm for such plans from players and coaches and for that reason alone justifications of sporting integrity ought to be treated with suspicion.

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