It doesn’t get greener than this: On Thursday, FKJ (multi-instrumentalist French Kiwi Juice) released his single “Greener,” and it features the iconic guitar strums of Carlos Santana. Its video follows FKJ’s Vincent Fenton singing among trees and nature, matching the song’s title.

“You think you’ll like it/You say it’s your thing/Wait until you open it (greener, greener),” sings Fenton. “The gift that everybody wants (greener, greener)/Sorry, I must say you’re wrong/’Cause it’s always greener on the other side.”

Fenton — who’s featured on Masego’s viral “Tadow” — said in a statement that the track “wrote itself in a night” and followed a theme of how social media makes everyone’s life look perfect. “[There’s a] tendency to compare our life with others and envy it, even though we have everything we need,” he said.

The track is one of several collaborations on FKJ’s sophomore album Vincent. Little Dragon hops on “Can’t Stop,” and Toro y Moi joins on “A Moment of Mystery.” The LP is out June 10.

“This was a challenging record,” Fenton said about his upcoming album. “I’m a perfectionist and it’s hard to shake that off. But once I did, and I let the music take over, I felt totally free.”

Meanwhile, Santana released his LP Blessings & Miracles late last year, featuring songs such as “She’s Fire” with G-Eazy and “Break” with Ally Brooke.

“It is a joy to collaborate and share music with my brother Vincent (FKJ) on ‘Greener,’” Santana said in a statement about their collaboration. “Together we have painted a canvas of color, texture and musicality that we know will bring you courage and a deep awareness of your own light and life. Once that happens, there’s no division, separation, or fear. It’s just joy.”

Vincent Tracklist 1. .”Way Out” 2. “Greener” featuring Santana 3. “Us” 4. “The Mission” 5. “Can’t Stop” featuring Little Dragon 6. “IHM” 7. “Brass Necklace” featuring ((( O ))) 8. “Different Masks for Different Days” 9. “A Moment of Mystery” featuring Toro y Moi 10. “Let’s Live” 11. “Once Again I Close My Eyes” 12. “New Life” 13. “Does it Exist” 14. “Stay a Child”

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