The Flaming Lips have released a new video for “Assassins of Youth,” which was filmed at a recent concert in Oklahoma City where both the band and the audience were encased in space bubbles to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The space bubble has long been a hallmark of frontman Wayne Coyne’s stage show — but it makes for a surreal pandemic scene to watch the frontman (who also directed the video) roll across a crowd that’s going crazy in their own plastic spheres. Despite the bizarre nature of the show, though, the “Assassins of Youth” clip does seem to provide some evidence that a live show can be as wonderful and euphoric whether you’re in a space bubble or not.

The Flaming Lips have spent the summer toying with the possibility of space bubble concerts, ever since they first tried out the idea with a small group for a performance on The Late Show in June. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Coyne detailed the extensive safety measures that went into the concert/“Assassins of Youth” video shoot, where fans lined up outside the venue and were methodically led inside to their bubbles. The bubble cleaning process afterward was equally intense, involving a lot of isopropyl alcohol and a leaf blower.