For the second consecutive Friday, Sarah Moore of Adamsville took her kids on a trip at lunchtime.

It was Food Truck Friday at New Beginnings Church of God in West Mead Township and the Moores were camped out in the corner of the church’s sizable parking lot, enjoying some fresh squeezed lemonade while relaxing in the chairs they had brought with them. This week, they were joined by friend Julie Wilson of Meadville and her kids.

“It gives us something to do that’s still within social distancing parameters,” Moore said. “It’s just nice to get outside and let the kids do something that doesn’t involve going into a store or something.”

“And to support local businesses,” Wilson added.

Several local businesses have taken up New Beginnings on the offer to use the church’s parking lot during lunchtimes the past few Fridays. This week, Joe Hassinger’s Cowboy Kettle Korn tent was once again joined by the Cluck Truck and Ron’s Fresh Lemonade food trucks. The church is one of several organizations in the area that has allowed food trucks to park in their large parking lots in recent weeks as the county has reopened following the COVID-19 shutdown.

For Hassinger, use of the parking lot was a welcome opportunity.

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