Even though he’s only 26, Justin Bieber has been in our lives for a long time. Over the past decade, we’ve seen him grow up from baby-faced “Baby” singer and sleek perfectly packaged popstar of the Believe era to the mangy-haired, sometimes-mustachioed and always-sweatsuited king. Which is to say: a lot can change in the course of 10 years. Styles change, trends change, and haircuts change—and so do the watches we care about.

Bieber’s collection is emblematic of that relatively swift overhaul. He’s gone from wearing chunky plastic G-Shocks on the red carpet to making a gold Rolex Daytona his standard everyday. Below, we track all the changes and take a look at Bieber’s best watches. During G-Shock’s heyday in the aughts, few celebrities wore these huge chunky pieces quite as often as Bieber did. He owned several different colors—red, black, and the above white—and wore them to events typically associated with watches worth ten times as much.

This one featured the brand’s new-at-the-time and more comfortable “G-Lide” band, and also tracked the moon and tide phases—perfect for “your next surfing excursion,” G-Shock says. Despite all that functionality, Bieber and the rest of us don’t wear many of these watches in 2020. Bieber’s G-Shock is a lot like his swooping bangs: something that drove people crazy over a decade ago that we’ve decided to pretend didn’t really happen.