On the July 19 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” a group of contestants continued their challenge for the throne.


The first match-up in Round 2 was between “Do You Want to Live,” who sang Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl,” and Disco King, who sang Jessi’s “Life Is Good.” As a result of the panelists’ votes, Disco King won Round 2 and moved to the next round. “Do You Want to Live” was unmasked as rapper KittiB.

In Round 3, Disco King sang IU’s “Between the Lips (50 cm),” against her opponent, Jihwaja, who sang Kim Yoon Ah’s “Spring Days Are Passing By.” Yoon Sang commented, “If Disco King is a girl group member, then she carved out her own space in that song.” In the end, Jihwaja won the round with 13 votes to Disco King’s 8.

Disco King unmasked herself to reveal her identity as WJSN’s leader, main rapper, and vocalist Exy. Exy said, “I feel good because I feel like I’ve become a leader that the other members could be proud of through this show. I will carry that heavy responsibility and work hard to lead the members well.”

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