Fly in, spin some music and get large crowds of people dancing — that’s what DJ Jazzy Jeff has done for years. But after battling what he said was the worse illness of his life, he’s now focused on getting other people to play it safe during this pandemic.

“I’ve had the flu before, and I’ve had pneumonia before. As sick as I was, I have never been that sick. So, there was no doubt in my mind that I had Covid,” the legendary turntablist — who goes by Jeff Townes when not performing — told CNN in a recent interview, although he was never able to get tested.

It was early March — before any of the states had enacted stay-at-home orders and before most Americans knew that Covid-19, the highly contagious and deadly virus, was already sweeping through the country. A venue in Ketchum, Idaho, booked Townes to headline a party on March 6 to cater to visitors to the ski town in scenic Sun Valley. He flew in on a Thursday and deejayed the party the next night.

“I didn’t go out of my room at all. I literally sat in the room and sorted music, made some music and just took it as a day of relaxation,” Townes said. “And I even remember the green room where they had me was in the basement. I walked on stage, didn’t have to come in contact with anyone and when I walked off stage, I might have given three high-fives before I went to the dressing room.”

When he finished playing, he said he had just enough time to go back to his room and shower before returning to the airport and flying home.

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