Furthermore, if becoming a major athlete was easy, millions of people would head down that path. But let’s face it, most people will never have the opportunity to experience the immense pressure that living in the public eye brings to the lives of professional athletes. Their every move is scrutinized, and their livelihood depends on their body’s loyalty to stay fit, active, and healthy. Some of the world’s highest-paid athletes have dedicated their lives to the sport since their early teens, and they train day and night to be the best in their field.

Despite the massive hit to the sports industry due to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, it wasn’t big enough to stop the players from playing the games fans love to see. Like most of the world, they’ve found a way to social distance, take health precautions, and move the games to a virtual setting. And thus, salaries continue to be paid.

To find the highest-paid athletes globally, Stacker consulted Forbes’ Highest Paid Athletes Ranking from May 2020. Forbes calculates total earnings as earnings from June 1, 2019, to June 1, 2020. Methodologies for specific sports can be found on the Forbes website.