As COVID-19 guidelines prevent large gatherings, some are turning to drive-thru and drive-in events to get their dose of holiday cheer this year.

Worcester’s Torah Center and the Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts celebrated the fourth day of Hannukah with a drive-in menorah lighting on Dec. 13.

The lighting took place at the parking lot of the Jewish Community Center on 633 Salisbury St. Sheva Liberow, co-director of The Torah Center said the center was concerned about how they could safely celebrate the holiday with the community this year without having to exclude many people. After seeing other examples of drive-by celebrations of events like birthday parties, Liberow said The Torah Center was inspired to do a drive-in lighting event.

“It was a matter of trying to find a way for the whole community to come together in that setting,” Lebrow said, “When you start thinking in creative terms you become very creative. We were thinking along the lines of the good old days of drive-in movies.”

The menorah was lit in front of the Jewish Community Center, loudspeakers and a large screen played a Hannukah music show and packages of kosher pizza and Hannukah treats were given out. At moments when the audience wanted to clap, Lebrow said that they were encouraged to honk their horns. Lebrow said they expected a turnout of 30 to 40 cars, but close to 100 cars came to the lighting.

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