In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman defeated Bane in hand-to-hand combat despite his injuries and exhaustion from their first fight. Here’s why.

Christian Bale’s Batman delivered on the title of The Dark Knight Rises, bouncing back from having his back broken by Bane (Tom Hardy) and dominating his rematch against him. The Dark Knight Rises wraps up Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy with the fiercest apprentice from the League of Shadows – the masked mastermind who attacks the city when its righteous defender is nowhere to be found. Although reluctant to return after the deaths of Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal), Bruce Wayne dons the cape and cowl once again to put a stop to Bane’s revolution. He suffers his worst physical and psychological defeat, but this same failure is what ultimately leads him to victory.

Bruce Wayne is driven both by fear and a strong sense of justice due to his childhood trauma of bats and the murder of his parents. This motivates him to train with Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) in the League of Shadows, but it also helps him decide not to follow their plan to destroy Gotham and instead become the lonesome vigilante, Batman – a hero who harnesses his own fears to apprehend Gotham’s most wicked criminals and instill integrity into the corrupt city.

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