It’s an image of contrast: a soldier with dragonfly wings rendered in bleeding graffiti sprays, the personification of the title Hybrid Theory. On the cover artwork of Linkin Park’s masterful, ground-moving debut, the entire concept is there: loud guitars with hip-hop beats, rap verses between screaming melodic choruses, a test of duality. A hybrid theory.

Supplemented with a street-art logo, the cover came to define the visual part of Linkin Park’s breakthrough era as much as it echoed the sound of the music itself. Released in October 2000, Hybrid Theory became the best-selling album of 2001, capitalizing on the freight train of momentum the band had built from its early live shows and meticulous studio crafting. It’s since become one of the most profitable debuts of all time, stacked with several of the group’s signature songs, including the indelible “In the End.” A new Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary release, out today (October 9), unspools that history with unearthed demos and additional artwork, including creations by Frank Maddocks, currently VP Creative Services at Warner Records, who collaborated with the band to finalize the imagery for the original release.

“I just know that at the time, stylistically, it just looked cool,” Maddocks tells MTV News about the design. “I think that there’s maybe a nod to kind of some Russian constructivism in there. There’s maybe some Shepard Fairey sneaking through.”

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