The release of the eagerly anticipated iPhone 12 (and its siblings) is just about here. The 5G-equipped phones, which were unveiled earlier this week, include enhanced cameras, an upgraded display, a tougher glass screen and some new colors, among other bells and whistles.

Preorders for the iPhone 12 and Pro begin Friday morning before hitting stores next week. And Apple (AAPL) is releasing two more models in the coming weeks: The iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max will be available for preorder on November 6.

The cheapest phone in the lineup is the iPhone 12 mini, which starts at $699. The top-of-the-line iPhone 12 Pro Max, featuring Apple’s biggest ever smartphone display at 6.7 inches, starts at $1,099. However, there are several ways to get cheaper — or even free — new iPhones, depending on the phone carrier.

Here’s who is offering deals:


AT&T (T) is letting new and existing customers get the iPhone 12 for free with an $800 trade-in offer to owners of the iPhone 8 and newer. To be eligible, AT&T customers must have an unlimited data plan and stick with the carrier for 30 months on an payment installment plan.

Analysts at research firm Cowen said AT&T’s offer was the “most aggressive” deal of the big three carriers. Both Verizon and AT&T, which owns CNN’s parent company WarnerMedia, are battling a newly energized T-Mobile. But AT&T in particular is playing defense, because DIrecTV and WarnerMedia have been struggling lately.

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