It has never been harder to be a professional who makes money from live events. Whether you are a speaker, an event planner or someone who puts on large-scale events, the current circumstances and social distancing protocols have made your job incredibly difficult — but not impossible.

This “new normal” has also presented unique opportunities for live event professionals in the form of virtual events. With a little creativity, some technology and a few tips, you can make the pivot from live events to virtual events and make just as much as before, if not more.

Here is how to pivot your profits in the age of virtual events:

Virtual Events For Speakers

If you are a speaker who makes money traveling the country or even the world for events, the good news is that not much has changed other than the time spent running through the airport, driving in rental cars and sleeping in hotel rooms. You can do the same speaking engagements from your home as long as you have a good webcam, microphone and a professional-looking background.

This is not to say there aren’t any challenges. Obviously, there are no in-person meetings right now, so you will need to work extra hard marketing yourself in order to get gigs. If the gigs aren’t coming as fast as they used to, now is a great time to make the leap and start hosting your own events. Finding an audience through marketing and promoting yourself may take time, but you might be surprised how many people will pay you directly to hear you speak.

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