Now before you call me a heartless social climber who survives solely on people-watching and rubbing elbows at fancy parties to justify my existence (not not true, to be fair), know that I’m obviously devastated about the coronavirus’s horrible impact on the world. But if you’re reading this, you should be familiar with the fact that we deal primarily in social life content and well, the prospect of not having a social life at all for the foreseeable future has been hard to wrap my head around. So just let me process my emotions by mourning my would-be schedule of glamorous events that COVID has ruined in peace. And don’t tell me you’re not upset about missing the opportunity to roast celebrity outfits at the Met Gala, because I know that’s a lie.

Frick Young Fellows Ball

The social calendar’s first casualty was the Frick Collection’s Young Fellows Ball, which was scheduled for March 12th and was cancelled that morning (when shit really started to hit the fan in NYC). It’s one of my personal favorite parties of the year (for a few reasons), and I had even booked my first-ever Glamsquad for it a month in advance. But alas, I’m at that point in quarantine when I might finally take my gown for the occasion out of the dry cleaner’s plastic and wear it around the house. I’ll see you again one day, Frick YFB.

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