In case you hadn’t noticed, the velour tracksuit is back. The two-piece style that helped define the look of the early aughts is experiencing a renaissance thanks to nostalgic celebrities and Gen Z admirers too young to have tried the craze during its heyday. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian West and Paris Hilton reviving the look for SKIMS or die-hard Juicy Couture fans pulling their vintage finds out of storage, the plush separates are newly relevant.

Still, the way to wear velour in 2020 is different than it was two decades ago and fashion-forward stars have been finding fresh ways to update the idea. Case in point: when Irina Shayk stepped out in Manhattan this weekend wearing a dove gray set from SKIMS, she elevated the supermodel kept things casual except for a pair of knee-high leather boots from By Far.  In the past, tracksuits were typically paired with comfortable shoes. Uggs, sneakers, or even Crocs were the default during the days of paparazzi strolls outside Kitson.

These days the penchant for mixing sporty fare with luxury—think Rihanna pairing her sweatpants with crystal-embellished Manolo heels as she did in 2019 or Jennifer Lopez repeatedly toting her Birkin to the gym—opens the door for experimentation. Shayk’s slate-colored, pointy-toe boots would be eye-catching no matter the outfit but contrasted with her velour; they stood out even more. With her pants tucked in and the addition of a zebra print mini-purse and matching mask, Shayk avoided all throwback associations and found a new way to tackle an old school trend.