Between the Fantastic Beasts franchise pumping out films with multiple A-listers, Broadway’s The Cursed Child, and Pottermore, you would assume that Potter enthusiasts would be satisfied. Yet, truth be told, Fantastic Beasts “just isn’t Harry Potter” and, given all the help J.K. Rowling had in penning the Broadway play, the production lacks her signature voice and tone.

When push comes to shove, fans want to see Harry Potter once more — at some point in time. Fans want to see the familiar faces — McGonagall, Snape, the Weasley family, and all others grace the silver screens — or our small screens — to take us out of our everyday lives for a blip in time.

Every so often, rumors surface that a Harry Potter movie may be coming once more, or that a TV show reboot is on the horizon, yet, do any of these rumors offer a shred of credibility? Is Harry Potter going to become a TV show — presumably on HBO Max given the service is a part of WarnerMedia? Unfortunately, at the moment, sources close to those who would be involved, say such a project remains a pipedream. Yet, the future remains undetermined.

Debunking the ‘Harry Potter’ TV show rumor…for now

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