It is just as well that Jason Holder is an experienced, intelligent captain – and diplomat – as he heads up an unusual expedition in unusual circumstances.

At his first press conference on English soil, conducted on Zoom, Holder was asked about a range of non-cricketing issues, such as whether and how his players were going to respond to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. He gave a measured answer, saying he would first discuss with his team whether they would make a gesture and how best to do that rather than making off-the-cuff commitments.

“It will be discussed amongst ourselves and we’ll decide how we’ll go forward as a team,” Holder said. “But I don’t want to sit here and speak for the other members without consulting them. I think that would be wrong.

“I just want to make sure that whatever we do – if we do anything – is done the right way. And if we do decide to show some sort of solidarity we make sure that everybody is on the same page. For me the greatest thing at the end of the day is unity. We must all come together, there must be equality across the world.”

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