The 25 best breakup songs

What better way than to throw on some music to help the healing. Here are 25 songs, spanning various styles (no country, which is pretty much all about lost love) for those who just fell out of love.

“It’s Over,” Roy Orbison, 1964
When the great Roy Orbison sings, we should listen. Orbison had said the song was about knowing something is over before it’s actually over — especially a relationship. It also happens to be one of Orbison’s most beautiful songs and among the great rock ballads that perhaps doesn’t get enough recognition amid his catalog.

“I Heard It Through the Grapevine,” Marvin Gaye, 1968
One of the most recognized songs of all time, there are several versions out there, but Gaye’s is the one that stands out among all. While the tune has that memorable soul sound, it’s a gut-wrenching song about someone finding out that his lover is getting it on with somebody else, and he heard it from a party other than the significant other. Ouch.

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