Writer/director Gunn called The Batman his most anticipated DC film and confirms that it stems from his trust for the man behind the scenes.

James Gunn previously stated that The Batman is his most anticipated DC feature and has now confirmed that his trust in the film’s quality stems from the man behind the camera. The Dark Knight’s latest outing will track a heretofore underrepresented stage in the development of a superhero. Whereas most films based on heroes of the DC and Marvel universes tell either the origin of the hero, the exciting adventure at the height of their career, or the process of passing the buck to a new generation, The Batman chronicles the awkward rise of Batman, fighting for what’s right in a city that is corrupt to its core. Robert Pattinson’s caped crusader will team up with Jeffrey Wright as a green Jim Gordon.

Gunn is best known for writing and directing the Guardians of the Galaxy films that are among the most beloved entries in the MCU catalog. Having established a knack for telling engaging stories with an ensemble superhero cast, Gunn was tapped by DC to direct The Suicide Squad, the upcoming soft reboot of the 2016 bomb. Gunn frequently interacts with fans on his various social media accounts, sharing updates about his work, answering questions about previous films, and allaying concerns that he’s dead.

In a recent Twitter thread answering fan questions, Gunn stated that he is excited for The Batman because of his great respect for Matt Reeves, who is producing and directing the film. Referring to a previous statement he had made via Instagram calling The Batman his “most anticipated upcoming DC movie,” a fan asked Gunn what his specific reasoning was. Gunn called Reeves “one of a handful of directors whose artistry can be seen in every film he’s directed,” and cited his personal voice as a deciding factor. Read the Tweet for yourself below: