James Gunn wrote the biggest action scene of his career for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad. The next movie in the ever-changing DCEU will arrive on a wave of eager anticipation, as fan favorite director Gunn revitalizes the Suicide Squad for the big screen. The team’s previous cinematic venture, 2016’s Suicide Squad, stumbled in its execution and failed to win over fans. As a result, Gunn is nearly starting over from scratch with The Suicide Squad, keeping only a handful of characters from the previous film to tell the story of a dangerous mission on the island of Corto Maltese.

One of these characters is Harley Quinn, who remains a standout within the DCEU. Robbie first played Harley for Suicide Squad and later reprised the role in Birds of Prey. In The Suicide Squad, Harley will join forces with a new Task Force X, and the early glimpses at her via trailers and pictures have teased a very different style than the ones she embodied in previous movies. Gunn has spoken frequently about his love of the Harley Quinn character, and he’s shared his excitement at having audiences see what The Suicide Squad has in store for her.

Evidently, that will include a massive action scene. As part of AP’s summer movie preview, wherein select directors share highlights of their project, Gunn spoke specifically about Robbie’s many talents (which apparently do not include singing). The writer-director praised Robbie’s athleticism, which he said led to him writing “the biggest action scene I’ve ever done” specifically for Robbie and Harley. Gunn said:

“She can do anything. Or I thought she could do anything. And then one day she had to sing and I said, ‘OK, well you can do everything but one thing.’ But she’s such a great actress. She embodies the character. She’s able to do the comedy. She’s able to do the drama. And physically, she is a pure athlete and is able to do these stunts in such a graceful, magnificent, beautiful way. And so I wrote the biggest action scene I’ve ever done all around (Robbie’s character) Harley, and it was so fun to create just on every level from working with the stunt guys all the way through to working with her. It’s probably my favorite four minutes of film I’ve ever shot before.”

Gunn didn’t specify just how said action scene goes down in The Suicide Squad, but it seems likely that it is the Harley scene that Robbie previously teased at DC FanDome, which she said beat her up. The Suicide Squad trailers have teased a colorful, whirlwind battle for Harley, and that could be the one in question. Birds of Prey in particular featured some standout fight scenes for Harley, so it will be interesting to see how The Suicide Squad’s stacks up. It says a lot that Gunn is calling it the biggest he’s written, seeing as he wrote both Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Even aside from the Harley Quinn scene, The Suicide Squad promises to have some wild action beats. The trailer confirmed the team will go up against the giant starfish Starro, and its R rating for “strong violence” certainly indicates this won’t be a watered down comic book movie. Seeing as Harley is one of the most well-known characters featured in The Suicide Squad, it makes sense that she would get a standout action sequence. Whether she survives it – and the rest of the movie, for that matter – remains to be seen. After all, Gunn has made it perfectly clear that everyone is expendable. Don’t get too attached.

Source: AP

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