‘Friends’ actress Jennifer Aniston has ordered new art supplies to redecorate her home amid the speculation of her reunion with ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ star Brad Pitt.

The ‘Friends’ actress, in an online interview with Jimmy Kimmel, invited fans inside her Beverly Hills home and gave them a glimpse of her stylish living room via a video link, which featured a gold embroidered wall hanging and a large cream armchair, as well as a black shelf filled with photos.

‘The Morning Show’ star, who showed off her love of painting, admitted to making a blunder while trying to order new art supplies online, saying: “I thought I had ordered paint by numbers, but what I actually ordered was the actual painting.”

Jennifer had been wanting to get a painting that would be tricky to identify so that her friends would be able to guess what she was painting during their online catch-ups and had selected a giant picture of a multi-coloured frog playing golf.

“When you see this painting, it was more about I wanted to make it as hard as possible to guess what it was. So don’t think this… well, it’s lovely…” she said, causing Jimmy to laugh as he saw the picture. “So are you going to hang that up?” he teased.

Jennifer is incredibly proud of her home and collaborated with designer Stephen Shadley to transform the 1970s property into the perfect Californian retreat. The ‘Along Came Polly’ star’s home boasts features including a cinema room, outdoor swimming pool and luxury bathroom that could easily pass as a spa.

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