It feels like almost a year ago we were writing about celebrities wearing jeans, t-shirts, and white sneakers on repeat to take walks around the block. Well as it turns out, it’s almost been a year.

March 2020 somehow feels like yesterday but also an eternity ago. Little has changed, and celebrities are still keeping it more casual than usual during lockdown, especially Jennifer Garner. Although we will admit her latest sneaker spotting was actually something surprising.

Jennifer Garner was spotted out on a walk wearing a very low-key Jennifer Garner look: light-wash jeans, face mask, navy zip-up, and comfortable Veja sneakers. But if you look closely you’ll notice that her Veja sneakers aren’t white, like the brand’s extremely popular V-10 sneaker beloved by Meghan Markle, but a bright shade of light blue. Light blue sneakers felt especially apt for this moment — Joe Biden was inaugurated this week! But wearing a pair is also an incredibly easy way to make your simple outfit more interesting and less predictable.