No rest for Jennifer Lopez! The singer and her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, are back to work in New York City.

Lopez fans will be thrilled to hear that the performer spent some time over the weekend recording a music video with Maluma, 26. The two were spotted heading into a studio in Brooklyn on Sunday.

According to an eyewitness, both musicians were taking health and safety precautions due to the coronavirus pandemic, with Lopez rocking a tie-dye face mask that matched her tie-dye sweatsuit.

Lopez teased the project in a video posted on social media earlier on Sunday. “I’ve been shooting a video for the past two days and I should be sleeping right now. But excited to get back to the set, a lot of adrenaline, can’t sleep,” she said. “If you want to know what I’ve been working on — should I tell you? If you want to know, comment below.”

Meanwhile, Rodriguez was seen enjoying what appeared to be a business lunch at Carbone in New York City’s Greenwich Village on Saturday. “[It] looked like a business meeting — they were more focused on their discussion than their food!” says an eyewitness, who saw three men and one woman at the restaurant with Rodriguez.

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